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Canada’s New Gun Control Bill: What You Need To Know


As of May 31, 2022, Canada has introduced legislation that will ban the sale and transfer of handguns. This article will explain the new gun control bill in more detail.

What is the New Gun Control Bill In Canada?

Yesterday, May 31st, the new gun control bill in Canada was introduced. This bill will prohibit the sale and transfer of handguns as well as alter long-gun magazines to only five rounds. The law will also expand red flag laws, harden penalties for gun violence and increase law enforcement control.

What Weapons are affected by the New Gun Control Law?

The new gun control bill in Canada would prohibit the purchase and transfer of handguns, as well as the sale of large-capacity magazines, and alter long-gun magazines to limit their rounds. These weapons include semi-automatic firearms with a capacity of more than five rounds, as well as shotguns with a barrel length of less than 30 inches. The law excludes people who may need handguns for their profession or for personal protection: law enforcement officers, and military personnel.

How will the New Gun Control Bill Affect Gun Owners?

Red flag laws allow the court and firearms officers to deem an individual a danger to themselves and others and strip their rights of a firearm license. If the court feels that an individual poses a threat with firearms, they can also suspend their gun ownership privileges.

What are the Punishments for breaking the New Gun Control Bill That was Introduced?

The new gun control bill introduced in Canada would impose harsher criminal punishments of up to 14 years imprisonment, up from the previous sentence of a maximum of 10 years. In addition, stricter requirements for obtaining a firearms license are currently being proposed, including a criminal record check and proof of training if someone has been convicted of a violent crime threatened violence against someone, or has been found to be intoxicated when possessing firearms.


With the introduction of new gun control laws in Canada, gun ownership will become more difficult for people who pose a threat to themselves and others. Punishments for breaking these laws are harsher than before, with imprisonment as a possible outcome. In order to keep Canadians safe, it is essential that everyone follows these new gun control laws. However, the real question is will the United States follow suit.


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