How To File Your Divorce With Us

Step 1

Fill-out the simple form above and you will get an email sent to your inbox.

Step 2

Check your email and complete the sign-up process. Once in you will choose your service and finish your divorce filing in our secured portal.

Step 3

We will send your application for review. This process may take up to 48 hours to complete. During this process, you may get a call from a case manager. 

Step 4

You are ready. Print your file from your secure portal or stop in to pick up a hard copy, or even request that one be mailed to you. It’s that simple.

Filing for divorce is not an easy choice

But paying for a lawyer to file for your divorce can sometimes be a much harder choice because of all the expensive fees. Maybe you should consider working with an experienced case manager who can help you to file your divorce without the hefty fees. 

We believe this may be a better option for people who are filing for divorce

  • With no property.
  • With no young dependents. 
  • Can file an uncontested divorce

You may want to speak with a lawyer if you:

  • Have young children together
  • Have property together
  • The divorce maybe contested